NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Poem 3 Keeping Quiet

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Poem 3 Keeping Quiet Important Questions

Solutions for Class 12 English Poem 3 Keeping Quiet : NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Poem 3 Keeping Quiet.

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Poem 3 Keeping Quiet

Keeping Quiet 2 Marks Important Questions – 30 to 40 words

Q 1. How will ‘Keeping Quiet’ protect our environment ?

Ans. Keeping Quiet will save the environment by stopping the green wars. There will be no bloodshed and destruction in wars. There will be no trucks full of dead soldiers. The fishermen will not harm the whales. The salt gatherers will check out their wounded hands and realize the harm being done.

Q 2. What does Neruda mean by ‘an exotic moment without rush’ in his poem, ‘Keeping Quiet’?

Which is the exotic moment that the poet refers to in ‘Keeping Quiet’?

Ans. The moment when we all will be still would be an exotic moment. No one would be in a hurry to finish work. Such a moment will be a rare one. Everyone will introspect on his actions and all will be together.

Q 3. What symbol from nature does the poet use to prove that ‘Keeping Quiet’ is not a total inactivity?

Ans. Poet refers to the Earth to show that keeping quiet is not total inactivity. At times there is stillness on the Earth but later, things start growing and moving. So, the poet says that stillness is different from total inactivity.

Q 3. How would keeping quiet affect life in and around the sea?

Ans. According to Pablo, keeping quiet will save the environment. In the cold sea, the fishermen will not harm the whales. It will save the marine life and lead to introspection into the effects of our activities.

Q 4. Why does one feel ‘a sudden strangeness’ in counting to twelve and keeping quiet?

Ans. One feels a sudden strangeness in counting to twelve and keeping quiet because it is an unusual activity. As we have never remained still or quiet, it will be an exotic moment when everyone will do so. Thus, it will create a strange feeling.

Q 5. ‘Life is what it is about….’ How is keeping quiet related to life?

Ans. Keeping quiet is related to life because it will lead to introspection. When we all will be still, we will be able to think about the results of our actions. Then we will improve our life by doing better actions and stop doing wasteful actions which lead to wars and death.

Keeping Quiet 5 Marks Important Questions –120 to 150 words

What is the central idea of the poem?

Ans. The poem is centered around the idea of introspection. The poet suggests silence and stillness for twelve seconds. During this period everyone will ponder over the repercussions of his acts. This period of stillness will be an exotic moment. It will be unusual because there will be no activity.

The poet hopes that we all will come together and have brotherhood. We will realize the wastefulness of wars, the ill effects of harming sea life, the damage done to the environment and the harm done to our bodies while we work. He suggests that we remain quiet because languages create barriers between people. The poet wants to unify the world and wants us to act responsibly towards every living being.

Summarize the poem ‘Keeping Quiet’.

The poet asks us to count till twelve and remain quiet. He wants us not to speak because languages divide people. He wants us to be still. Such a moment when no engines are running, no one is in a hurry, will be an exotic moment. Everyone will get together in such a strange moment. The fishermen will stop harming sea life, the salt gatherers will look at their damaged hands.

Those indulging in wars will realize the bloodshed that they cause. There will be brotherhood as everyone will come together in this period of inactivity. We will realize and start life afresh. He does not equate inactivity with death. At times, the Earth appears to be inactive but then gradually, things start appearing on it. It gets renewed. Similarly, we must also start a new life. We need to understand our actions and then plan new actions. This will give us positive results.

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