The Sound Of Music Class 9 Questions Answers

The Sound Of Music Class 9 Questions Answers

The Sound Of Music Class 9 Questions Answers : There are two stories in this lesson and both the stories are related to musical instruments and their master. The stories are ‘Evelyn Glennie Listens to Sound without Hearing It’ and ‘The Shehnai of Bismillah Khan’. We will go through both the story and answer the questions of both. English solutions based on the NCERT syllabus are available on our website. Let’s start studying.

The Sound Of Music Class 9 Questions Answers

Summary of Evelyn Glennie Listens to Sound without Hearing It: Evelyn Glennie is a multi-percussionist, who can play hundreds of instruments to perfection, a lot of search for artists worldwide. Surprisingly, she achieved this standing even with her impairment, she was exceptionally deaf. However, she found out to pay attention to her body instead of the ears. She. feels the audio through her body.

Evelyn was eleven years of age when it was found that she had a hearing problem. She wanted to pursue her profession in music, yet her instructors discouraged her. It was Ron Forbes that identified her potential as well as sustained her. He advised her not to listen via her ears, however, attempt to sense it in some other methods. This is verified to be the transforming point. She found out to open her mind and body to the audios and also resonances. After that, she never looked back. She had actually understood the art of interpreting different vibrations of audio on her body. She joined the distinguished Royal Academy of Music and scored the greatest marks in the history of the Academy.

She worked hard and with determination against all chances and solved to the top in 1991, she existed with the Royal Philharmonic Culture’s prestigious “Soloist of the year award”. Aside from the routine concerts, Evelyn gave free concerts in medical facilities, jails as well as likewise to striving young artists. She ended up being a source of motivation for deaf and also various other disabled youngsters. She. motivated them as well as made them believe that if Evelyn might do, so could they.

Important Questions Answers: The Sound Of Music Part 1

Ques:1. How old was Evelyn when she went to the Royal Academy of Music?

Ans: Evelyn was seventeen years old when she join the Royal Academy of Music. She scored the greatest marks in the history of the Academy.

Ques:2. When was her deafness first noticed? When was it confirmed?

Ans:  Her deafness was first noticed when she was 8 years old. But it was confirmed when she was eleven years old.

Ques:3. Who helped her to continue with music? What did he do and say?

Ans: Percussionist Ron Forbes assisted Evelyn to continue her learning music. He started by tuning two large drums to different notes and said, “Don’t listen through your ears, try to sense it some other way.”

Ques:4. Name the various places and causes for which Evelyn performs.

Ans: Evelyn Glennie performs at normal concerts. She additionally gives free shows in prisons as well as healthcare facilities. She also offers high-priority courses for young musicians.

Long Answer type question.

Ques:5. How does Evelyn hear music?

Ans: Evelyn listens to songs by sensing the notes in various parts of her body. Ron Forbes, her fitness instructor, transforms 2 drums to various notes as well as asks her not to listen to it with her ears however notices it in a few other ways. Then, she understands that she could feel the higher drum from the midsection up as well as the lower drum from the waistline down. She finds out how to open her body and mind to sounds as well as resonances.

Duplicating the exact same workout with Forbes, Evelyn starts uncovering that she can notice certain notes in various parts of her body. When she plays the xylophone, she can sense the noise passing up the penetrating her fingertips. By raiding the drums, she can feel the vibrations flowing right into her body. On a wooden platform, she removes her footwear to make sure that the vibrations go through her bare feet and up her legs. She states that songs pour in through every part of her body. It prickles in the skin, her cheekbones, and even in her hair.

The Sound Of Music Class 9: Part 2

The Shehnai of Bismillah Khan: The 2nd part of the chapter represents the journey of Bismillah Khan. Bismillah Khan was a maestro in ‘Shehnai’. The background of Shehnai states that Emperor Aurangzeb outlawed the having fun of the tool ‘Pungi’ as a result of its unpleasant audio. A barber reinvented the tool by taking a pipeline with a natural hollow stem and making 7 holes on its body. He played on it by opening up as well as closing several of those openings.

The tool created harmonic audio. The emperor accepted the tool called ‘Shehnai’. The audio of the shehnai was taken into consideration auspicious therefore it was played in the holy places and also at wedding events. Ustad Bismillah Khan brought the tool onto the classic stage. Ustad Bismillah Khan was born on March 21, 1916, in a household of artists in Bihar. His grandfather Rasool Bux Khan played shehnai in the Bhojpur king’s court.

His dad Paigambar Bux and various other ancestors were also excellent shehnai players. When Bismillah Khan was 3 years of age, he most likely to his mother’s uncle’s home, and also he was really impressed by his uncle’s technique of shehnai. He accompanied his uncle to the Vishnu holy place of Benaras where his uncle was executed. Soon, he began practicing playing this instrument. For many years, the temple of Balaji and Mangala Maiya in Benaras as well as the financial institutions of Ganges became his technique premises. At the age of fourteen, Bismillah accompanied his uncle to the Allahabad Songs seminar. The opening of the All India Radio in Lucknow in 1938 came to be a big innovation for him.

Class 9 ncert notes. The Sound Of Music Class 9

He started playing shehnai on the radio. He was the first Indian to welcome the country’s self-reliance with his shehnai on 15th August 1947. He played Raag Kafi from the Red Fort. Bismillah Khan has actually provided lots of remarkable efficiencies around the world. He likewise made songs for two flicks, which made sky-high documents. He was the first Indian to be invited to carry out at the Lincoln Centre Hall in the USA. He did in lots of art festivals and trade fairs around the world. An auditorium was called after him in Teheran.

He was conferred with National honors like Padma Bhushan as well as the Padma Vibhushan. He was granted India’s highest non-combatant award, the ‘Bharat Ratna’ in 2001. He constantly conveyed to show children songs, which is one of the wealthiest customs of India. Though Bismillah Khan traveled throughout the world, he enjoyed his origins one of the most. He is an ideal example of an Indian who celebrated the rich culture of Indian songs.

Important Questions Answers

Ques:1. Why did Aurangzeb ban the playing of the pungi?

Ans: Aurangzeb banned the playing of the music instrument pungi due to the fact that it had a screeching as well as unpleasant audio.

Ques:2. How is a shehnai different from a pungi?

Ans: Shehnai is an improved version of pungi as it has a better tonal top quality than pungi. It is an all-natural hollow stem pipe that is much longer as well as wider than a pungi. It has 7 holes in the body of the pipeline.

Ques:3. Where was the shehnai played traditionally? How did Bismillah Khan change this?

Ans: The shehnai had been played traditionally in royal courts, temples, and weddings ceremonies. But Ustaad Bismillah khan had changed the tradition. He brought this instrument onto the classical stage.

Ques:4. When and how did Bismillah Khan get his big break?

Ans: Bismillah khan got his big break in 1938 when he played shehnai on all India radio on the occasion of the opening of the All India Radio in Lucknow. Soon he became an often-heard player on Radio.

Ques:5. Where did Bismillah Khan play the shehnai on 15 August 1947? Why was the event historic?

Ans: On 15 August 1947, Bismillah Khan played shehnai at the Red Fort. The event was historical because India became Independence from British rule on that day.

Ques:6. Why did Bismillah Khan refuse to start a shehnai school in the U.S.A.?

Ans: Bismillah Khan refused to start a shehnai school in the U.S.A. because he did not want to stay away from India. He loved Benaras as well as India, the River Ganga, and Dumraon.

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