The Third Level Important Questions Class 12 English

The Third Level Important Questions Class 12 English

The Third Level Important Questions Class 12 English

The Third Level Important Questions Class 12 English

Q1- How many levels were there in Grand Central Station, New York?

Ans- Two levels.

Q2- Who was Charley?

Ans- He was a young man of 31 and worked in an office.

Q3- What was the name of Charley’s wife?

Ans- Louisa.

Q4- What was the name of Charley’s friend psychiatrist?

Ans-Sam Weiner.

Q5- What did Sam say about Charley’s story?

Ans- He called it ” waking dream wish fulfilment”.

Q6- Which American President was fond of stamp collecting?

Ans-Franklin Roosevelt.

Q7- What did Charley find at Central Station one day?

Ans- He found a’ third level ‘ there.

Q8- What kind of lights were there?

Ans- The lights were dim and flickering.

Q9- Which engine was seen by Charley at the third level?

Ans- It was a ‘Currier and Ives ‘ locomotive .

Q10- Which newspaper did Charley see there?

Ans-The World.

Q11- What was the date printed on the newspaper?

Ans- 11th June 1894.

Q12- Where did Charley want to go from the third level?

Ans- Galesburg.

Q13- Did Charley get the tickets?

Ans-No, the clerk refused to accept his currency.

Q14- Why did Charley run away from the third level?

Ans- He didn’t want to be in any trouble.

Q14- What did Charley do next day?

Ans- He got changed his 300 dollars and got less than 200 dollars of old currency.

Q15- Was Charley able to find the third level again?

Ans- No , he never found it again.

Q16- What did Charley find one day in his house?

Ans- He found a first day cover, posted by his grand father,  dated 18th July 1894.

Q17- Whose sign were there inside the letter?

Ans- Sam Weiner’s .

Q18- Where was Sam now?

Ans- He was in Galesburg.

Q19- How much money had been got changed by Sam?

Ans- 800 dollars.

Q20- What was Sam doing in Galesburg?

Ans- He was doing his business of hay, feed and grain .

Q21- Who is the writer of the lesson’ The Third Level ‘ ?

Ans- Jack Finney.

The Third Level Important Questions Class 12 English

Q1 :-What does third level refer to?

Ans :-The third level refers to a subway at the Grand Railway Station in New York. There are only two levels of subway at Grand Railway. No one had ever heard about the third level. In this story, the main character Charley’s ‘waking dream wish fulfillment’ is referred as third level.

Q2 :-Do you think that the third level was a medium of escape for Charley ? Why?

Ans :-Yes, the third level was a medium of escape for Charley. His story about the third level is nothing but a fantasy. He takes it as reality. Charley may be in stress and tension. His visit to the third level is a mystery and only a product of his imagination. His story of third level is a temporary refuge from harsh realities of life. So, we can say that third level was a medium of escape for Charley.

Q3 :-Would Charley ever go back to the ticket counter on the third level to buy tickets for Galesburg?

Ans :-Charley had managed old-typed currency in premium to buy the tickets. But after a lot of efforts, he couldn’t ever get to the third level because it was not a real place. The third level existed nowhere but in his fantasy.

Q4 :-“The modern world is full of insecurity, fear, war, worry and stress”. What are the ways in which we attempt to overcome them?

Ans :-The modern life is full of tension and stress. People adopt different ways to release this tension. To escape from the harsh realities of modern world, people divert their minds on some pleasant things. Some do creative writing, some do painting, singing, dancing and cooking etc. Such things make our mind fresh and capable enough to face these problems. We fulfill our suppressed desire into our imagination and dreams, as Charley does in this story. Some people take a way of drinking and other negative passion that is not good.

Q5 :-What do you infer from Sam’s letter to Charley?

Ans :-Charley found a letter in an old box of his grandfather, posted by his friend, Sam, from Galesburg. It was a first day cover having a note inside it. The letter said that Sam had found the third level and now he was in Galesburg, living in ‘past’. He also invited Charley and his wife Louisa to come and live there. But it is clear that this is also an another ‘waking dream wish fulfillment’ of Charley. It is his another escapist imagination.

Q6 :-Do you see an intersection of time and space in this story?

Ans :-Yes, we find a mysterious intersection of time and space in this story. Two different periods of time are interwoven in such a way that is difficult to believe. Charley, the main character of the story, lives in modern time but he is sure that he has visited the third level where everything belonged to 1890’s. Then there is Sam, who is Charley’s psychiatrist friend, who also lives in modern time and suddenly disappears. Charley gets a letter from him which is written and posted on dated 18 July, 1894.

Q7 :-How does Charley reach the third level?

Ans :- One day, Charley gets late in his office. He is in a hurry to reach home. After first and second level, he enters into an arched doorway and gets lost. He keeps on walking and after a long tunnel, he finds himself in the third level.

Q8 :-How does Charley’s psychiatrist friend, Sam, react when he told him about the third level at the Grand Central Station?

Ans:- Charley’s psychiatrist friend does not agree with Charley that the third level actually exists. It is a product of his imagination only. He also says that Charley is not happy with his present situation. So he takes a temporary refuge in his fantasy from the realities of modern life. Sam describes it ‘waking dream wish fulfillment’ of Charley.

Q9 :-How can you say that Charley that Charley keeps losing his way

Ans :-Charley gets lost his way on the second level. He sees a new doorway which he never seen before. He enters in a corridor .He finds himself in the lobby of Hotel Roosevelt. After some time, he reaches in a office which was three blocks away. Now he enters in a long tunnel. Every time, he finds a new doorway, corridor and stairs.

Q10 :-What unusual things did Charley notice on the third level of the Grand Central Station?

Ans :-It was completely a strange place for Charley. Rooms were smaller than usual. There were fewer ticket-windows and train gates. The information booth was made of wood in an old style. He saw brass spittoons on the floor. The lights were dim and flickering because they were open –flame gaslights. Everyone was dressed like 1890’s

Q11:- What happened when Charley asked the clerk for  two tickets for Galesburg?

Ans- The clerk counted out the money. But when Charley gave him the money, he refused to accept it. He showed some notes to Charley from his drawer. They were bigger and different from the notes that Charley had. The clerk warned Charley to call the police for presenting fake currency.

Q12- Why did Charley go to the coin dealer?

Ans- Charley was eager to buy two tickets for Galesburg. But  for this, he needed old styled currency of 1890,s to pay for the tickets on the third level. For this purpose, he went to the coin dealer. He got some old currency in premium there. He got less than two hundred dollars in exchange with his three hundred dollars.

Q13- What is a ‘ first day cover’?

Ans- When a new stamp is issued, stamp collectors buy some of these on the very first day the sale. They post blank envelope to themselves using the new stamp. The postmark proves the date . It is a kind of hobby for some people. It is called ‘ a first day cover ‘.

Q14- What was Sam’s old business? Why  couldn’t he go back to it?

Ans- Sam’s old business was that of a psychiatrist. He was now in Galesburg of 1894. People were free of stress and tension of life there. So they didn’t need any psychiatrist. So Sam couldn’t go back to his old business.

Q15- Why did Charley think that Grand Central Station was growing like a tree, pushing out new corridors and stairs like roots?

Ans- At the second level of GCS , Charley often found himself in new doorways and corridors, which he never seen before. Once he got into a tunnel about a mile long. It came out into the lobby of Hotel Roosevelt. Another time, he came up in an office building three blocks away. So he began to think that Grand Central was growing like a tree.

Q16- Which newspaper and railway engine have been described in this lesson?

Ans- At the third level, Charley sees an old issue of a newspaper. It was ” The World” that had not been published for years. It was a June 11, 1894 edition. He also sees a small locomotive there . It was a ‘Currier and Ives ‘ locomotive . All this was very strange to him.

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